In January 2016 my husband & I were extremely fortunate to be able to join a photographic group organised by Wildlife Photographer/Tutor/Writer Michael Snedic & fellow Wildlife Photographer/Tutor David Burren to sail on the Ocean Diamond to the Antarctic. There is no doubt that this was a voyage of a lifetime, & was a very well organised one. We were fortunate that the crossing of Drakes Passage from South America to the Antarctic was a relatively mild event & once we crossed the Antarctic Circle we were treated to an unforgettable experience. No amount of research could have prepared us for the sheer beauty of the icebergs, large & small some with streaks of the deepest blue imaginable. Nor could any of the wildlife documentaries have prepared us for the wonder of the penguin colonies, the awe of the Humpback Whales surfacing a few metres from the Zodiacs we were travelling in, or the drifting through sea ice to within a few meters of seals sunning themselves on icebergs. Or to be able to see & film a Leopard seal making an enjoyable meal of an unfortunate penguin, the graceful gliding of Albatrosses on the wing & to be able to photograph all of this.


Through all these unforgettable experiences Michael & David were on hand to pass on their expert guidance, advice & encouragement, with patience, when it came to lenses, F stops, ISO, camera handling etc.,as well as the back-up photo techniques talks on board.


Thank you so much for the opportunity & help.

Annette Balnaves “Balnaves at Coonawarra’ – Coonawarra.South Australia

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