“I have been an avid nature photographer for over twenty five years, not a professional but a keen amateur. Over that time, I have attended quite a number of photography trips across Australia and some overseas, with some poor experiences among them. I met Michael Snedic a few years ago on his Lord Howe Island tour and from the minute I met him, I realised I had finally found the right person and photography trip to join.


Michael is, without doubt, one of the most passionate people I have ever met. His enthusiasms is infectious and he is very inspirational. What Michael doesn’t know about photography, especially wildlife and nature, is not worth knowing. He is very patient and has no problem going over technique that took me (and others) a few goes to grasp. He is always there to lend advice and makes sure each and every person is doing okay with their cameras and photography techniques.


I can say, without exception, that I and the other workshop attendees received lots of photography tuition, more than on ANY other photo trip I have ever attended. The itinerary was also perfectly balanced, with a mix of photographing in wonderful locations, with a bit of free time thrown in.


I have since been on more photo trips with Michael and I can say, without hesitation, that I always come back with a huge grin, better equipped to take photos and lots of great photos on my hard drive. My biggest problem is to choose what trip I will do with Michael next!


I can highly recommend Michael Snedic’s photography trips over any others out there on the market today. You will not be disappointed.

Paul Browning – North Sydney. NSW. Australia

Five Free Photo Tips Articles

Five Free Photo Tips Articles

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