Closeburn - N.W. Brisbane, near Samford




9am to 11.30am


TBA (Price includes photographic tuition from Michael, wildlife usage and wildlife handlers)

Boyd's Rainforest Dragon | Wildlife Photography Courses

Contact Michael Snedic directly
on +61 408 941 965


Private property in Marshall Lane, Closeburn, (north west Brisbane) approximately 6kms from Samford (North-west Brisbane

  • Overview on best techniques for photographing mammals, birds, reptiles and frogs
  • Wildlife photography in a natural, bushland setting.
  • Short break and review of camera settings and photographic techniques
  • More wildlife photography with different species


Barn Owls (juvenile)

This workshop is designed to give you, the photographer, the opportunity to photograph variety of of birds, mammals, frogs and reptiles at close range. Some of the species are virtually impossible to photograph in the wild, so this is a chance you will not want to miss! All species are set-up in a totally natural environment, so that your images don’t have man-made structures showing.

Michael will also give professional photographic tuition throughout the workshop. He will teach you how to take the best possible photos as well as getting the most out of your camera.

Sugar Glider in Waratah - Michael Snedic

Some of the species that may be available on the day:

  • Brush-tailed Bettong (critically endangered)
  • Northern Brown Bandicoot
  • Long-footed Potoroo
  • Fat-tailed Dunnart (behind glass)
  • Spinifex Hopping Mouse (behind glass)
  • Ringtail Possum
  • Striped Marsh Frog
  • Graceful Tree Frog
  • Southern Angle-headed Dragon
  • Golden-tailed Gecko
  • Green Tree Snake (blue form)
  • Mertens Water Monitor
  • Mary River Turtle (endangered)
  • White throated Snapping Turtle (endangered)
  • Freshwater Crocodile
  • Woma
  • Rough-scaled Python
  • Green Tree Snake (blue form
  • Eclectus Parrot (endangered)
  • Barn Owl
  • Masked Owl
  • Barking Owl
  • Double-eyed Fig Parrot (behind glass)
  • Channel-billed Cuckoo

Fat-tailed Dunnart (CS)

Fresh-water Crocodile


To book your place, please use the contact form and you will then receive payment details.

White-lipped Green Tree Frog | Wildlife Photography Courses

Michael's wildlife photography workshops at Closeburn have been incredibly popular over the years, with many booking out. Please book early to avoid disappointment!

Wildlife Workshop Participants

Rufous Bettong | Wildlife Photography Courses

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