Martin and Paulin Oldfield – Ipswich, Queensland, Australia

Testimonial – India Wildlife Photo Safari – January 2018

“India was never on our bucket list. We had heard the stories. Delhi belly, dirty and noisy, crowded, smog, third world place, dangerous, unfriendly people…. Everyone had a horror story.

We saw this trip advertised by Michael Snedic. We had experienced Michael’s photo expeditions and photography tuition in Svalbard (Arctic) and enjoyed it so much that we promised ourselves that we would go on another of his tours one day. We liked game drives in Africa chasing the big 5. India has the big 6 (same 5 plus tiger) – who knew that??? We had never seen the leopard.

It had never been on our bucket list. We believed the stories.

We spoke to Michael and then Reena from Mantra Wild Adventures. We decided …. what the heck! It is only for 2 weeks and we can put up with just about anything for 2 weeks. Let’s just not extend our stay. The stories had us a bit worried. Good luck with all of that the story tellers told us.

It was never on our bucket list.

It should have been. The stories were wrong.

The National Parks were amazing! We were told that Indian animals are more elusive than African animals. And they were. The leopard that had eluded us for many years (I think about 17 game drives in Africa and India) remained …….. elusive. Until that wonderful moment in Pench when we were treated to a 9 minute sighting. The wait was worth it. What joy! What an amazing creature. And now for that iconic cat – the Bengal tiger. Our excellent guides tracked their footprints, we heard the alarm calls, we smelt their kill, we drove for hours in the beautiful jungle. We were rewarded with a brief view but it was worth it!!!

It is hard to explain just how much you learn with a true photography expert, Michael Snedic, on call 24/7. And not just with the technical bits, but how to better appreciate lighting, composition and much more. Evening chats about Lightroom techniques and photo editing in conjunction with critiquing of the days shots, were very helpful. And the fun we had! We really like that Michael’s photo expeditions are designed around photography rather than trying to pack in a whole lot of typically touristy stuff and having a very busy itinerary. Three nights at each location is a great way to settle in and get the feeling of the location.

By the way – we did see our first leopard, and a tiger, and a whole bunch of other animals.

If you are a keen photographer, do yourself a favour and put India on your bucket list. Even better, put a WildNature Photos Expedition with Michael on your bucket list”.

Martin and Paulin Oldfield – Ipswich, Queensland, Australia Martin and Paulin Oldfield – Ipswich, Queensland, Australia

Diane Cowley – Brisbane.Queensland

Antarctica has always been my dream… it’s the one on the bucket list that you feel it may never happen and when it does you hope the reality it as good as the dream. It was!! I have been on photo workshops with Michael before (macro, bird, whale watching), and by chance saw the Antarctica January 2016 trip listed. I contacted Michael and the gods were on my side, I fluked a cancellation spot. During the planning both Michael and David Burren were very helpful. Prior to leaving Australia I was emailed information regarding clothes and useful camera equipment hints. This information was a great help given the zero summer temperatures in Antarctica and the unknown locations. Remember Penguins don’t go shopping, so no shops means you need to take all your equipment with you. The biggest hint is a wet weather camera bag for travelling off ship.


On board the ship Ocean Diamond, Michael and David conducted workshops and the group were encouraged and made to feel we could ask any question. The twice daily Zodiac trips off the ship were made easier when Michael and David organised with the ship staff to get the best for the group. When in Antarctica you are in awe of the pristine scenery, the peace, and each day is different because you are subject to the weather. The Captain and crew are wonderful at trying to give you the best locations to maximise the most of what Antarctica has to offer. Even with ice blocking the ships intended route an alternate route found us in amazing scenery. We were even lucky with falling snow, which added to the photographs even though you got wet, spectacular icebergs, ice capped mountains, amazing wildlife, birds, penguins and humpback whales. So go on… talk to Michael and plan your photographic trip.

Diane Cowley – Brisbane.Queensland

Annette Balnaves “Balnaves at Coonawarra’ – Coonawarra.South Australia

In January 2016 my husband & I were extremely fortunate to be able to join a photographic group organised by Wildlife Photographer/Tutor/Writer Michael Snedic & fellow Wildlife Photographer/Tutor David Burren to sail on the Ocean Diamond to the Antarctic. There is no doubt that this was a voyage of a lifetime, & was a very well organised one. We were fortunate that the crossing of Drakes Passage from South America to the Antarctic was a relatively mild event & once we crossed the Antarctic Circle we were treated to an unforgettable experience. No amount of research could have prepared us for the sheer beauty of the icebergs, large & small some with streaks of the deepest blue imaginable. Nor could any of the wildlife documentaries have prepared us for the wonder of the penguin colonies, the awe of the Humpback Whales surfacing a few metres from the Zodiacs we were travelling in, or the drifting through sea ice to within a few meters of seals sunning themselves on icebergs. Or to be able to see & film a Leopard seal making an enjoyable meal of an unfortunate penguin, the graceful gliding of Albatrosses on the wing & to be able to photograph all of this.


Through all these unforgettable experiences Michael & David were on hand to pass on their expert guidance, advice & encouragement, with patience, when it came to lenses, F stops, ISO, camera handling etc.,as well as the back-up photo techniques talks on board.


Thank you so much for the opportunity & help.

Annette Balnaves “Balnaves at Coonawarra’ – Coonawarra.South Australia

Lisa Miller – Capalaba. Queensland. Australia

“I had a wonderful experience on my whale photography workshop with Michael. It was well organised, and Michael was the perfect tutor. Communication was great, he was very patient and I received my money’s worth.

I will definitely be back!!!!”

Lisa Miller

Capalaba. Queensland. Australia

Paul Browning – North Sydney. NSW. Australia

“I have been an avid nature photographer for over twenty five years, not a professional but a keen amateur. Over that time, I have attended quite a number of photography trips across Australia and some overseas, with some poor experiences among them. I met Michael Snedic a few years ago on his Lord Howe Island tour and from the minute I met him, I realised I had finally found the right person and photography trip to join.


Michael is, without doubt, one of the most passionate people I have ever met. His enthusiasms is infectious and he is very inspirational. What Michael doesn’t know about photography, especially wildlife and nature, is not worth knowing. He is very patient and has no problem going over technique that took me (and others) a few goes to grasp. He is always there to lend advice and makes sure each and every person is doing okay with their cameras and photography techniques.


I can say, without exception, that I and the other workshop attendees received lots of photography tuition, more than on ANY other photo trip I have ever attended. The itinerary was also perfectly balanced, with a mix of photographing in wonderful locations, with a bit of free time thrown in.


I have since been on more photo trips with Michael and I can say, without hesitation, that I always come back with a huge grin, better equipped to take photos and lots of great photos on my hard drive. My biggest problem is to choose what trip I will do with Michael next!


I can highly recommend Michael Snedic’s photography trips over any others out there on the market today. You will not be disappointed.

Paul Browning – North Sydney. NSW. Australia

Bernard Jean – Noosa. Queensland. Australia

“What’s the ranking of Antarctica on your bucket list? It was top on mine. Pushed by my wife who did not mind me going alone to freeze my butts I decided to join an expedition organised by 2 professional photographers, David Burren and Michael Snedic (that I met at a photo club) and 17 other amateur photographers. And boy was I right to do so!!! The very friendly atmosphere and comfort of a beautiful ship with skilled and safety conscious staff made the experience unforgettable. From our Quark Expeditions cruise start in Ushuaia to our return 13 days after, it’s been non-stop amazement at glaciers, icebergs, penguins, seals, whales, seabirds… in our daily zodiac excursions and landings which even drove us past the Antarctic circle. The light conditions, the blues of the ice, the midnight sunsets were so extreme and diverse that we needed lots of advices and that’s where Michael and David kicked in brilliantly giving us with remarkable dedication relentless group sessions and personal tuition. I learnt more on photography in these 2 weeks than in many years before, turning from a shy ‘automatic’ photographer to a more adventurous ‘manual’ photographer. I can’t wait to go back with Michael and David in another photographic expedition and adventure”.

Bernard Jean – Noosa. Queensland. Australia

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