When: Wednesday 19th of September 2018

Time: 9.30am to 4.30pm

Price: $239 (plus 10% GST. Excludes zoo entry fee)

Taronga gorilla baby

Why not come and spend a day at Sydney’s amazing Taronga Zoo, learning how to photograph a wide variety of animals on display, as well as some landscape photography tuition. No matter what type of photography you are in to, you will benefit greatly from the tips and techniques offered on the day.

Photographic tuition is geared towards various skill levels and Michael is very patient with participants. Questions are very welcome!

Taronga Zoo Photography Workshop participants | Full Day Photography Workshop at Taronga Zoo
Taronga Zoo Photography Workshop participants

Contact Michael Snedic directly
on +61 408 941 965


9.30amIntroductions, an outline of what to expect from the day, then camera settings discussed. Subjects covered will include best use of aperture/DOF, recommended shutter speeds, focal points, white balance, low-light photography, ISO, metering and much more. Once this session is complete, we will head out into the zoo and start photographing the various animals (Michael will assist you to make sure your camera is set up correctly, before you start shooting).
10.45amMorning Tea. Time for a cuppa! Michael will be available during morning tea for any photography-related questions you may have.
11.30amChimpanzee Talk. This is where you will get a good chance to get some close-up images of Taronga’s amazing Chimpanzees, as they get fed. Michael will give you tips on getting great shots, before the talk starts.
12.15pmGorilla Keeper Talk. A great opportunity to photograph Taronga’s gorgeous Gorilla family.
1.00pmLunch break – Purchase at café or bring your own
1.45pmWildlife Walkabout – This is where we wander around the various enclosures, looking for the best photographic subjects and opportunities. Michael will talk about best angles to shoot wildlife, pitfalls regarding distracting backgrounds, portrait versus landscape formats, lighting and other techniques for great wildlife shots.
2.45pmA brief session on landscape photography, photographing the stunning views over Sydney Harbour. Topics covered will include composition, ‘leading lines’, ‘rule-of-thirds’, tripods versus hand-holding, Live View, filters, focal points and more.
3.30pmWe will visit some of the most photogenic animals at the zoo, including Meerkats, Kodiak Bears, Snow Leopards and much more.
4.15pm‘Questions and Answers’ - This is where you can ask Michael any questions you may have related to wildlife/nature photography or photography in general. The question(s) could be personal to your own individual needs but the whole group may benefit from the answers.
4.30pmFinish time

Topics Covered Include

  • Composition
  • Recommended Aperture
  • Recommended Shutter Speeds and ISO
  • Focal Points
  • Focus Styles
  • Metering
  • Exposure Compensation (for Aperture Priority)
  • Flash Use
  • Hand-held versus Monopod
  • Recommended Accessories
  • And Much More…

How to book

For more information on this workshop or to book your place, please contact Michael on +61 408 941 965 or by using the contact form.


Taronga Zoo Photography Workshop | Full Day Photography Workshop at Taronga Zoo
Taronga Zoo Photography Workshop

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