Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th of September 2018

Come and spend two days searching for, and photographing, the myriad of birds found in Queensland’s beautiful Bunya Mountains region. The workshop is hosted by professional wildlife photographer and tutor, Michael Snedic.

Bunya Mountains Weekend Bird Photography Workshop
Bunya Mountains Bird Photography Workshop participants


Bunya Mountains - Queensland


Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th of September 2018


7am start on Saturday and 6.30am Sunday


$485.00 per person for tuition (plus GST)
(Does not include accommodation and meals - please see below.)

Satin Bowerbird at bower | Weekend Bird Photography Workshop
Satin Bowerbird at bower

Contact Michael Snedic directly
on +61 408 941 965



Our first session starts with Michael presenting a session on how to photograph birds, no matter what camera you own or level of experience you have. Subjects covered will include composition, apertures and depth-of-field, recommended shutter speeds, focus points, metering, lighting as well as the best photographic equipment to use for great bird photos.

During the next session, we will walk around and photograph any birds we see around the campsite. This may include King Parrots, Crimson Rosellas and Superb Fairy Wrens. Michael will also teach participants how to photograph birds in low light conditions, including how to best use inbuilt and external flash units.

After lunch, we will head into the rainforest to search for the special birds found there. Here we will practise our low-light photography techniques, incliding flash use. Some of the species found in the rainforest include the delightful Eastern Yellow Robins, Southern Logrunners, White-browed and Yellow-throated Scrub Wrens, Golden Whistlers and many more.

For our last session of the day, there will be a ‘Question and Answer’ session, where Michael will endeavour to help you with any issues you may still have in regards to photographing birds.


This morning we head out to ‘Grass Tree Country’. Here we will spend the first half of the day photographing the birds that live there. Species found may include Spotted Pardalotes, Mistletoe birds, various honeyeaters and many more.

After morning tea, we will be searching for and photographing any bird species on the edge of the rainforest, including Rose Robins and Black-faced Monarchs. After lunch, we will head into the forested area high on the hill, searching for Eastern Spinebills feeding on native Grevilleas and Banksias.

For our last session, we will look for Satin Bowerbirds working their bowers. Photographing a male Satin repairing his bower or attracting nearby females is a real treat! There will also be a chance to try and capture some of the species encountered the day before that you may have missed.

Juvenile Paradise Riflebird displaying | Weekend Bird Photography Workshop
Juvenile Paradise Riflebird displaying

King Parrot
King Parrot

Noisy Pitta with chicks
Noisy Pitta with chicks

Topics Covered Include:

  • Composition
  • Recommended Aperture
  • Recommended Shutter Speeds and ISO
  • Focal Points
  • Focus Styles
  • Metering
  • Exposure Compensation (for Aperture Priority)
  • Flash Use
  • Hand-held versus Monopod
  • Birds in Flight
  • How to Best Find Birds
  • Recommended Accessories
  • And Much More…

Rose Robin | Weekend Bird Photography Workshop
Rose Robin


Choose whichever type of accommodation suits your needs and budget. You may camp in the nearby Parks and Wildlife campground or choose to rent one of the many houses available for rent.

The link HERE takes you to the QP&WS, where you can book a campsite.

The link HERE takes you to the Bunya Mountains Accommodation Centre, where you can book accommodation or call the staff for more information.


Please bring your own (there is a small shop at the campground where you can buy some essentials). There are also restaurants/cafes available if you would like to buy your meals.

Booyong Buttress Roots | Weekend Bird Photography Workshop
Booyong Buttress Roots


The Bunya Mountains are much cooler in summer than places such as Brisbane and the Gold Coast, due to its elevation.

How to book

For more information on this workshop or to book your place, please contact Michael on +61 408 941 965 or by using the contact form.

Maximum 8 participants

This workshop is covered by Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service permits.

Bunya Mountains Bird Photography Workshop | Weekend Bird Photography Workshop
Bunya Mountains Bird Photography Workshop participants

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