Regent Bowerbird

A two hour drive from Brisbane or a one hour fifteen minute drive from the Gold Coast, Lamington National Park is World Heritage listed for good reason. Habitats vary from subtropical and remnant rainforest, ancient Antarctic Beech forest, sclerophyll and eucalyptus forest. The variety of wildlife species, therefore, is incredibly varied. Birds and other wildlife are used to visitors, so can also often be photographed at close range. Some of the species of birds that frequent the Lamington National Park include the rare Albert’s Lyrebird, the Regent and Satin Bowerbird, Noisy Pitta and Eastern Spinebill (amongst 245 or so species of birds found in Lamington National Park). Mammal species include the cute macropod called the Red-necked Pademelon, which often frequent the visitor areas, as well as the nocturnal Brush-tailed and Ring-tailed possums which are regular visitors. Two of the many reptile species that can be seen and photographed include the Leaf-tailed Gecko and the pure black Land Mullet, Australia’s largest skink.

Wildlife photography in Lamington National Park is quite easy, as there are plenty of walking tracks where many of the wildlife frequent.

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