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When I first started photographing wildlife and other nature, 21 years ago, I clearly remember being a ‘sponge’ for information. This was in the pre-internet days, so I did my research and learning in other ways. Firstly, I had a mentor, Glen Threlfo, who is one of Australia’s foremost wildlife and nature photographers and documentary-makers. I asked lots of questions, wrote down the answers in a notebook and then practiced and practiced some more. It was a huge learning curve but I relished all the new photographic techniques I was learning.

I purchased different photography magazines, both Australian and from the U.K. and the U.S.A. and also bought and borrowed books, many which I reread a number of times.


Apart from magazines and books, of which there are lots of in the market, we of course have the internet, with a HUGE amount of articles to read, including lots of ‘How To’ YouTube videos. These can be invaluable, but be careful to sort the ‘trash’ from sites with real information.


One thing I really enjoyed was finding out about professional wildlife and nature photographers from all over the world, whose work inspired me. I had quite a list of photographers and would spend countless hours researching their work and looking at their images, especially the shooting data. That way I was able to get a sense of various photographers whose work I liked, I could see what gear they were using and what camera settings they used.


There are numerous Facebook groups available which deal solely with photography, where members can post images, ask for critique, find out about what type of gear to purchase, ask about locations to photograph etc. Once such group in my very own Facebook group ‘Michael Snedic’s WildNature Photographers’, which you can join by clicking HERE


There are also plenty of photography workshops and tours on offer nowadays, but please do your research before you join an unknown one. ‘WildNature Photo Expeditions’ is owned and operated by me and I pride myself on my reputation I give plenty of professional photography tuition at each workshop and tour, imparting 21 years of knowledge as a wildlife and nature photographer and 15 years as a tutor.


Above all, make sure you enjoy the learning process and don’t forget my motto: “Practice Makes Perfect”

If you have a passion for wildlife, nature or travel photography and would love to go on a small-number, professional photography adventure, please get in touch with Michael Snedic at WildNature Photo Expeditions. You can call him on 0408 941 965 or fill in this Contact Form and he will get back to you ASAP.

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