Photographing in Svalbard, the Arctic

There are a handful of places on earth that are absolutely spectacular to visit with your camera, for their stunning landscapes and diversity and numbers of wildlife. Many parts of Africa, Antarctica and the Galapagos Islands are all very high on the list. Another incredible photographic location, especially for wildlife photography, is Svalbard in the Arctic.

On the last fully-booked photo expedition I presented there, every participant raved about the trip and it was definitely a lifetime highlight for many. The best way to see this natural beauty is to fly into Logyearbyen, Norway and then board an expedition ship. The most renowned trip for wildlife sightings and mind-blowing scenery, is Svalbard. On the photo expeditions I organise and lead there (with another released for June 2018), I make sure that every expedition participant in my group is familiar with their camera(s) and the various photographic settings needed to get great shots. I am also in the zodiac each time with my photo expedition participants, so that if there are any ‘hiccups’ with cameras, settings or techniques, I am on hand to help straight away.

Svalbard has a lot of beautiful landscapes and wherever you go, there is something to photograph. Lots of truly-stunning scenery, including ice-capped peaks, glaciers, incredible waterways and much more. In and out of the water, you will find iconic animals such as polar bears, walruses, Arctic foxes, reindeer, whales, seals and lots of different birds, including the iconic Puffin. You never know what animals will be there or when, which makes these types of journeys all the more exciting.

If you are after a once-in-a-lifetime wildlife photography experience, I can’t recommend visiting Svalbard, in the Arctic, highly enough!

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