Iguana in Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands are, without doubt, one of the most incredible locations on earth when it comes to the sheer diversity and number of wildlife. There are few places on the planet where you can get so close to the wildlife, without them scurrying off. The Galápagos Islands are, quite simply, a photographer’s paradise!

Situated nearly 1000kms from Ecuador’s coast, the Galapagos Islands were where, in the 1800s, naturalist Charles Darwin wrote his famous ‘Theory of Evolution’. There are 13 greater islands, 6 smaller islands and around 40 islet, which cover a total area of 7,850 km². Many islands have their own species and sub-species, even though they are relatively close to each other. Species waiting to be photographed included giant Galapagos tortoises, blue-footed and masked boobies, pelicans and frigate birds, as well as land and marine iguanas, sea lions, fur seals and perhaps dolphins, whales and sea turtles and much more!

The weather is pleasant most of the year round, generally ranging from 21 – 30 degrees. Every single person I have ever spoken to, who has travelled to and photographed in the Galápagos Islands, has said it’s a trip-of-lifetime. I always smile when I see people’s faces light up when they talk about this remarkable set of Islands.

On the ’12 Day Galápagos Islands Wildlife Photo Expedition’ I present, I make sure everyone is familiar with their own camera settings and wildlife photography techniques are explained in easy-to-understand terminology. Great shots (and plenty of them) are just about guaranteed :-)) On the Galápagos Islands, you generally don’t need a tripod and a very long lens to get great shots of wildlife.

For anyone interested in joining me on an incredible 12 day wildlife photo expedition of the Galápagos Islands, simply click on the link below for full details:

12 Day Galápagos Islands Wildlife Photo Expedition

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